Johnette Cochran elevated to General Manager

January 24, 2023
Delta Media Corporation
Shanae Richard
[email protected]


Lafayette, LA— Johnette Cochran elevated to General Manager/VP at Delta Media Corporation in Carencro, La., serving the Lafayette, LA DMA.
Ms. Cochran is a 19 plus year veteran with an extensive background in sales and operation management, programming, marketing strategies, with a wide range of both analytical and creative marketing functions in the broadcast and digital industry. Throughout her career, she has managed sales teams with Alpha Media, Townsquare, Access 1 Communications and worked with Guaranty Media in Baton Rouge. Ms. Cochran served as the General Manager/VP for Adams Radio Group in Coastal Maryland before onboarding with Delta Media Corporation in the spring of 2021.
Ms. Cochran will succeed Chuck Wood, former General Manager/VP, who announced his retirement on January 24th, 2023 and will remain with the company until February 28th.
“I’m thrilled to accept this new position with Delta Media Corporation. I’ve always had a love for South Louisiana, and Lafayette is one of the greatest cities in America. We are growing with our TV and Radio brands at Delta Media. We are creating a digital team that will help us reach a higher potential and I’m over the top excited about the new moves. I’m ready to get to work and build a strong digital, programming and sales team to help local small businesses grow & thrive right here in Acadiana. Even more, I’m excited to lead this team. I have big shoes to fill, but I’m up for the challenge. Chuck is so passionate and knowledgeable about this industry. But I am excited for him to spend more time on the golf course and visiting his granddaughter in Dallas. Chuck has been a force behind these stations in the past ten years.”
Mr. Wood will remain in a consolatory role with Delta Media – “I hired Johnette as our DOS two years ago, and within six months told ownership that she is my replacement. I am looking forward to spending more time with family and my golf clubs. Johnette will do an incredible job of taking what we have built and keep the momentum that we have created over the past eleven years.”

Ms. Cochran can be reached at the Delta Media Corporation headquarters by phone (337.896.1600) or by email [email protected]

ABOUT DELTA MEDIA – Delta Media Corporation is a locally owned and operated broadcast company, operating multiple radio stations, television stations and digital platforms in Lafayette and Alexandria, LA serving both DMA’s. For more information